Come and Join In

Karate is a system of unarmed combat in which the participants specialise in self-defence techniques including punching, kicking, striking, blocking and throwing. Regular exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Our exercise and training methods work all areas of the body and it is a perfect aerobic exercise suitable for everyone. Shotokan Karate builds self-discipline, respect and confidence and is ideal for both adults and children. Younger students can develop a higher concentration level which gives them the ability to think more quickly and logically. This can help them with all aspects of their schoolwork and social life. For some it can channel excess energy into a constructive learning process. We welcome all new students at our club, adults and children from age 5, beginners and the more experienced.

It's Easy To Get Started

Just come and take part any evening that we have training taking place at the Sandhurst Sports Centre, Owlsmoor Road, Sandhurst, GU47 0SD. Click Here for a Map. Please check the timings of classes in the Events Page, as they do vary during the school holiday and there are some weeks when there are no classes.

The cost of lessons is £7.50 on Monday evening and £6.00 on Friday evening. You may wear any normal sports clothing initially, but if you decide to take part regularly you will be expected to purchase a gi(white martial arts attire) - you can purchase these through the club at competitive rates. Once attending regularly you will also need to become a member of the Southern Shotokan Karate Association.

If you need any further information please get in touch by phone or e-mail. Details are on the Contacts Page.